One of the really nice things about Mitsubishi is that they offer some of the most affordable new automobiles in the industry, as we have discussed in this space already this month in reference to the Mitsubishi Mirage. Of course, just because their new automobiles already cost so little doesn’t mean that there isn’t even more money to be saved by buying used or certified pre-owned cars and SUVs. If the new vehicles we sell here at Lewisville Mitsubishi are considered such values, imagine how much money Dallas, TX customers could save by purchasing certified pre-owned Mitsubishi cars instead!

In fact, customers can save more by  purchasing a used or certified pre-owned model than they realize. For starters, new vehicles depreciate in value much more quickly than used ones do, primarily because the biggest chunk of depreciation occurs in the first three years of a vehicle’s life. In buying a model that skips those first three years, customers also are skipping all that depreciation. Not only can buyers save thousands off the price, but also thousands potentially lost in value.

Furthermore, Mitsubishi offers some of the best warranties in the business, even for certified pre-owned models, which means several issues that could occur with a random used model that typically could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to correct would be free of charge to those with warranties on their CPO Mitsubishi Lancer Evo or Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.

While buying new is great and exciting, buying pre-owned is in a lot of ways the financially responsible thing to do. We’ve got plenty of awesome CPO models available on-site right now, so come on down this month and take a look at all the great value available to our Lewisville Mitsubishi customers!